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aneros wiki
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The motion of the hand involves pivoting around a center point, using two or three knuckles covered by a washcloth to do the job. The extended male deer exercise was invented by an Aneros forum member GrandTiger. This realigns the PC muscle and anal sphincter muscles giving them a renewed boost of strength and with that, the Super-O has a good shot. Once you are familiar with this sensation, you may realize that you have experienced it countless times before in your life, but simply ignored it while stretching for example. Probably best without the Aneros, as continuous hard contracting with the Aneros could possibly lead to soreness. While mastering this exercise, you may feel a P-wave.

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Arden. Age: 22.
aneros wiki

Avoid use of pre-lubricated condoms containing topical anesthetics, you don't want to desensitize yourself down there!

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Sharon. Age: 32.
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Advanced Skills

When it does, you let it have its way. The position starts with you lying on you back with the Aneros in place. The best tool for this job is a heat gun. The Male Deer Exercise is a tantric exercise reputed to increase sexual energy.

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