Sakura tied up and gagged

sakura tied up and gagged
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He shook the thought from his head and focused back on reality. With gentle hands he removed the ropes and cuffs keeping her bound and gathered her into his arms. Kakashi looked over at the clock. He grabbed his apartment keys and walked out of the apartment. He was in no mood to release her yet. With a carefulness that only came from years of training he held Sakura in his arms like the most breakable thing on the planet and eased them both into the bathtub, allowing the warm water to fill around them.

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sakura tied up and gagged

Sakura was more than capable of handling it though, he'd coached her how to take his cock deep and how to relax her throat enough to suppress her gag reflexes and still swallow around him choking the head of his dick.

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Sakura Haruno Tied Up and Gagged 3

Kakashi's smile was positively evil. Sakura moaned and nodded her head. With a smirk the last one stood on the bed and gathered Sakura's short pink tresses in his hand, fisting his fingers around the bubblegum locks. Sakura screamed out his name as she came, her pussy clamping down around his cock and drawing his own orgasm from his balls until he spilled his seed into her pussy.

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