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forcing cum down her throat
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Bound as I was, I could do nothing but lie there and wait for this humiliating thing to happen. Precum dripped steadily from the pulsing cockhead, precum that she took great pleasure in using to further lubricate the man's meat. And she took pictures of that as well Tied like I was, I was helpless to resist. You are such a dirty whore, letting yourself be used like this. I'd make you suck it all off until they were clean," as she continued to foot-fuck my mouth. With a huge groan, the man came.

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Alena. Age: 22.
forcing cum down her throat

When mistress heard me gag, she shoved my head down onto the throbbing penis until my lips were pressed against this man's balls and pubic hair.

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Ireland. Age: 26.
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He pulled out as mistress pulled back on my hair, causing pain to shoot through my scalp. But it was suddenly cut short as another massive hard-on was shoved into my mouth. Then she shoved her foot back in while pushing my head forward with the other, causing me to gag as her toes penetrated my throat again. She slowly pulled her foot from my mouth, until only her red-nailed toes remained between my lips.

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