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The shop was more nick knacks than anything, small trinkets littered about on dusty wooden shelves, candles lit and dripping hot wax onto random surfaces; it was a complex and extravagant space you were currently in. Cheeks feeling slightly warm at the endearment, you took a small step closer to the front counter, shrugging your shoulders as if to play nonchalant when really, you were freaking out. His eyes were a certain black, pupils blown and almost eerie with how vacant they seemed. You noticed the man looked on edge, as if your simple question brought a thousand suspicions along with it. As if awaiting your reaction, the vampire laughed light-heartedly, a dazzling grin appearing on his heart shaped lips.

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Jasmine. Age: 26.
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Wiping down another empty table of crumbs and straw wrappers, you eyed Jimin over your shoulder, head of orange hair relaxing lazily on one of the bar stools at the counter.

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Zaylee. Age: 27.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your body was till thrumming from being so close to him, a weird sensation in your chest that was unrecognizable. The only two people you had told were Tae, and Jimin. I appreciate you trying to help, but I think this is something I need to do on my own okay?

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