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Our recruitment is always open. Look forward to working with you in the future and feel free to drop by our TS anytime. Do you have the natural drive and determination that places you in positions of responsibility to ensure that both you and your group is successful in whatever you do? I have it, two tickets to this thread looking for you to join us. Thanks much Grim, we're excited about the possibilities that lie with Defiance and from what I was able to pass on to our guys from the beta stress test, those hopes are high. We will once again be hosting our open teamspeak for the beta event.

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Amiyah. Age: 28.
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We are recruiting for membership to iRuin.

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Kaylee. Age: 22.
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Floating Flowers

We have a good starting base of around 10 guys that have the determination and desire to make a name for ourselves in Trion's new venture. Join myself and the rest of the iRuin boys and girls today! We've had a great run on recruitment over the last week or so and we are looking for a few more! If this this is interesting to you please contact me via PM today or at iRuinGaming gmail.

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