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Making choices closes some doors, and opens others. The ladies seem to agree: I've had several of them after my ass. Excuse me, that last was completely unnecessary. If it happened constantly, and usually when you didn't feel like it, it would get real tired, real quick. The article said her town has 25, people--about the same as mine. And, again, that's why I don't tell everyone on earth private things like that.

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Boys alone can treat each other fairly badly.

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Raelyn. Age: 22.
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I'm very nearly speechless. Similarly, some girls might not like changing around someone who could be sexually attracted to them. You can't claim a certain sexual biology and then turn around and suggest that it can be turned on and off under varying circumstances. How about this example: If you were to walk into a washroom and take a piss in the stall beside me and throughout your break you tell me of your gaity, I promise you, you WILL get a different attitude from me than anyone else pissing beside me.

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