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However, he has a tendency to wander off if he smells another thing that has a nice scent, like girls panties for instance. But unlike a standard phone, it uses dimension technology that contains her inventions which she uses to "call" upon them. Berserker DX Modified Version Spray Type-Kun A spray used to try to cheer up Rito but he dodged it and accidentally hit some mice, causing the mice to become very aggressive and perverted, as they began to bite students and go up girls skirts. It is used to tie around certain objects really tightly and is incredibly hard to break free from except for Yami who was able to cut her self free. It can trouble just holding it. Clingy-Clingy Glue-Kun A device that turns any two objects or body parts into powerful magnets that attract each other.

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Emmalee. Age: 20.
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Bow-Bow Doggie-Kun A dog-like invention that is used as a guard dog to attack anyone suspicious.

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Lizbeth. Age: 31.
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Lala Satalin Deviluke/Inventions

QQ-Service Ace-Kun Similer to Buzzing Bat-Kun, this invention is a sports equipment with built-in rocket thrusts on, instead of baseball bat, its a tennis racket. Unfortunately it has a time limit so it can be embarrassing when a girl changes back into a boy in public. The two possibly attract each other like magnets.

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