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I laid down first, Jonathan then laying between my legs, head on my chest as I rubbed his back and ran my fingers through his hair, his arms wrapped around me. He looked at both Jonathan and Nancy, then at all the weapons and medical supplies on the table, then around the room at all the lights and then back at me. I kissed her back like I had so many times before, we slowly fell back on the bed together, her straddling my waist, the kissing becoming more frantic, more passionate. The soft kiss that we shared, soon turned into a passionate and deep kiss. She smiled at me shyly before putting her one movie on the counter. I broke the kiss, stood up and began pacing in front of him. Everyone walked towards the blue and red lights, El pulling away to walk over to the ambulances with Mike, I turned around to see Steve staring at me, my heart twisting.

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Robin immediately pulled me back inside and pulled me into a hug, trying to calm me down.

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Erica. Age: 27.
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We always have crazy shit going on, dangerous shit and I want you to know that you are always on my mind, and always in my heart. After a few minutes if silence, Steve stood up from the couch with a huff and stood in front of me. Now go get checked out, all of you. I looked into his chestnut brown away and I could tell, he was serious.

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