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She;d cleared the way for him even as she followed with Steve on her own heels until Darcy had to set him on the HYDRA agents of the area while she tracked Bucky to his newest hiding place. The Howlies had a montage and a few very forgettable side scenes that were eclipsed by the larger story. He took a look around the room, trying to find the camera Mereel had likely hidden just to record his reaction. You want WinterShock prompts? I want to see Kylo Ren killed not in any kind of epic lightsaber duel but because he got tagged repeatedly in the stomach with a laser the same way Obi-Wan got Grievous. Ordo took a deep breath, and closed his eyes as he tossed his bag to the side of the room. His memories were still shot, still spotty and missing all together, but pieces were coming back.

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commando tumblr

The problem arises when it becomes clear that the endless movement, never sitting in a space long enough to grow roots, came from a different placeā€”an explicitly Not Work Related hole deep down where Jango-Prime still lingered inside their bones and their hearts.

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Remembered that the devil wore blue, had crimson lips, and a wicked, beckoning smile. Ordo was walking back to his bunk after a lengthy, and exhausting undercover mission. Now that the voice shares impressions and whispers in his ear that The Devil is special.

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