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The power exchange was a turn-on, to switch up from being an active participant in sex, to being restrained into a passive recipient of sex, it was amazing. I distinctly remember the first time just feeling really cold, a bit awkward, and quite exposed. Since then, as my trust and confidence has grown, so has the degree of our bondage play. Can you trust your partner that much? We played for a long time before having sex and I was begging him for more. It was nice to be out of control and to not know what was going to happen. It was almost clinical —we probably should have used it as part of the foreplay, not as the foreplay itself.

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Kyleigh. Age: 21.
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He then laid me on the bed, gently bound my hands, and caressed and teased my body from head to toe — for hours.

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Raquel. Age: 20.
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I find I'm quite a controlling and dominant person, so I wanted to explore the feeling of being out of my comfort zone. Best orgasms ever on both sides. They might like feeling constricted. He agreed and thus, we tried it out.

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