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Though less active on Tumblr now, she tells me she used her blog there as an informal way to communicate with clients. Related: If you care about your privacy, try these special versions of the Firefox browser. But she registered the domain and created a Google form for volunteers. Dreamwidth itself is the product of a previous exodus, about a decade ago, from the community blogging site LiveJournal. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system.

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And Dreamwidth, which posted a big welcome message to Tumblr users after the new content guidelines were announced, has seen a surge in interest.

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For her part, RiotCinema aspires to build a brand-new home for Tumblr refugees, at a site called TumblrX—an idea hatched in jest in a Twitter conversation. Tumblr acknowledges to me that its image-recognition tech has a lot to learn. So, all that Tumblr nonsense may finally force me to use my Twitter account. The cofounder, who gives only the first name Justin, says he would like to expand it to a more Twitter- or Facebook-style environment.

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