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No because Kagome and InuYasha end up getting married. Yeah, and in some episodes when Kagome cares about other boys Inuyasha gets really jealous and Kagome comforts him. She decides to settle in the Feudal Era and marry Inuyasha, but beyond a short period of time after her moving there, her life with Inuyasha and her presumed death is never shown. Asked in Inuyasha Who is stronger Kikyo or Kagome? Although, Kagome does end up staying in the fudal era with Inuyasha, and they do get married Kikyou dies later in the manga because of Naraku.

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Well Kagome is Kikyo's incarnation so they are both about the same.

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Although Inuyasha does love Kikyo, but also Kagome. She does die in the final ep an evil girl came and wanted to kill inuyasha she tied him up but later kagome shoots an arrow but that arrow goes back to inuyasha and kagome saved him and she died with the arrow in her back search in youtube kagome dies. Asked in Movies Do inuyasha and kagome meet up with koga in the movies? But throughout the entire course of both the anime movies included and manga, Kagome does not die.

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